Stormwater Inspections

Stormwater Connection Permit is required before connecting or making changes to Council’s drainage system.  Stormwater inspections are required to ensure that this work is performed to the Council’s standards.

Booking a stormwater inspection

You can book a stormwater inspection by:

For all inspections, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • You must have a valid Stormwater Connection Permit approved before you can book the inspection (refer to permit number and expiry).
  • You’ll have to book the inspection at least a full 24 hours before the inspection is required.
  • A representative of the owner or contractor must be on site at the arranged inspection time. Additional inspections may need to be booked if no one attends at the inspection time.
  • Inspections are not conducted on afternoons, weekends or public holidays.

Additional stormwater inspections

The stormwater connection permit includes some stormwater inspections.

  • If the stormwater connection is to the kerb and channel without an on-site detention (OSD) system, the permit includes one drainage inspection.
  • For all other types of stormwater connections (including those with on-site detention systems), the permit includes two drainage inspections.

When the drainage connection work is not to our standard or is incomplete, extra drainage inspections may need to be undertaken. An additional fee of $130 will be charged for each additional inspection.

Stormwater inspection written report

A written report of a stormwater inspection can be obtained for an additional cost of $33.60 per report. Please email to request a report.