Smart Lighting Controllers​

City lights

Upgrading streetlights at various Council locations with the installation of Smart Lighting Controllers will allow for greater energy efficiencies.

These controllers allow the remote control and monitoring of streetlights, which helps to save on energy bills.

Council staff can match illumination levels to the needs of a particular area for safety and energy efficiencies. Additionally, lighting can be scheduled, dimmed, or turned on/off remotely, either individually or in groups if it is not required. This allows us to explore reducing lighting levels in the evenings after rush hour is over or even switching lights on and off depending on daylight.

The development of a robust Lighting Management Platform provides access to real-time status updates, automatic notifications of failure or power outages allowing for more efficient maintenance and repairs, the ability to report on electricity savings and CO2 emissions as well as providing the potential for future automation.

So far, we have installed 463 smart lighting controllers around the Monash municipality.