Sir John Monash Awards

2023 Monash Awards winners and Councillors

Monash is served by amazing volunteers who give their time to achieve remarkable things. While they give so much to our community, this is an opportunity to give back to them.

This year’s awards will open 18 March – Sunday 5 June.

Further details will be available on this page when nominations open.

For more information

Please call Jenny on 9518 3619 or email

Nomination guidelines

Guidelines to assist you with your nomination:

  • Nominees can be nominated in only 1 category (not multiple categories)
  • People who were nominated in previous Sir John Monash Awards are eligible to be nominated again  (Monash Award recipients are ineligible for future awards nominations)
  • Ensure the word count for submissions are between 200 - 1000 words
  • Please ensure contact details are completed to the best of your ability
  • When providing information about your nominee, it is important to highlight their achievements. Please provide examples with as much detail as possible, including relevant dates, etc
  • To assist your nomination, include supporting documentation such as photos, articles, personal references and other relevant information
  • Describe the positive difference the nominee has made to a community, group, individual or business
  • Aim to answer this question in your nomination: “How has the nominee been an inspiration, role model, shown leadership or overcome particular challenges?”
  • Indicate how long the nominee has been involved in the activity they are being nominated for and the degree of their contribution
  • If your nominee has received other awards or been acknowledged in other ways, please note this in your nomination
  • It is advised to select up to three or four major activities and focus on these in your nomination. Other activities can be mentioned but not fully detailed
  • Please indicate clearly whether the nominee has performed voluntary work or is associated with paid employment.

About Sir John Monash

General Sir John Monash, for whom Monash is named, was a civil engineer and volunteer soldier during World War 1.

By the end of the war, he had risen to the highest rank in the Australian Army and is regarded as one of Australia's greatest heroes. It is only fitting that these awards are named after Sir John Monash.