VicSmart Planning Applications

VicSmart is a fast-track process for straightforward planning applications.

These applications are not advertised to nearby properties and are generally decided within 10 business days from when all information is received. The information applicants are required to submit to Council is predetermined.

Not all application types will be eligible for the VicSmart process.

To understand if your proposal qualifies for the VicSmart fast track process, please read: VicSmart eligible applications

VicSmart eligible applications

The following permit applications may be eligible as VicSmart applications:

  • Construction of a front fence in a residential zone
  • Alterations and additions to a single dwelling
  • Buildings and works for carports, garages, pergolas, verandahs, decks, sheds or similar structures
  • Removal, destruction or lopping of 1 tree (only 1 VicSmart tree removal application is eligible within a 12-month period)
  • Some buildings and works, and display of signage in an industrial area or activity centre
  • Reduction or waiver of up to 10 parking spaces
  • Realigning the common boundary between 2 lots
  • Some classes of subdivision in accordance with an approved development

To further understand if your proposal qualifies for VicSmart, you may choose to refer to the planning controls of your property:

How do I submit a VicSmart Application

If you are ready to lodge your VicSmart application, please make sure that you have all required documentationMore information:

Please note some of the specific requirements:

  • If your application is in a Special Building Overlay, a pre-approval from Melbourne Water must be obtained before submitting your VicSmart application online.
  • All applications will require a current copy of Title - if you do not have a current Title, please obtain a copy from the Landata
  • Plans of the proposal, for example showing the location of the tree to be removed.
  • A written statement describing your proposal.
  • Supporting documentation, for example applications to remove 1 tree may require an Arborist Report or other evidence.

Where a proposal falls into more than one class of VicSmart application, the requirements of each class need to be met.

Apply online

VicSmart Application

If your application is only to remove a single tree:

VicSmart - Single Tree Removal