Stormwater Drains

Stormwater drainage works

During storm events

It is important to note that the drainage system can cope with most rainfall, although some storm events may exceed the capacity of the system and stormwater may cause problems.

If a life is at risk in an emergency, please call 000.

If assistance is required during a storm event, please contact the SES on 132 500.

After a storm event we can be contacted on 9518 3555 for drainage related matters.

Stormwater drainage network

Stormwater is the rain that runs of roads, footpaths, roofs, driveways and other hard surfaces.

This water flows into the stormwater drainage network which then flows to creeks, rivers and eventually to the Port Phillip Bay.

Stormwater drains can be owned by property owners, Council, VicRoads or Melbourne Water.

Each person or organisation is responsible for looking after and cleaning their own stormwater drains.

Responsibility for drains

Property owners are responsible for the drains and pipes that collect stormwater on their property, including the pipes that run under the footpath and nature strip. These pipes and pits are part of your private stormwater system.

You are responsible for all private drains within and from your property until they connect to the Council's drainage network. In some circumstances these private drains may be in the street or through other properties.

If you have a blockage or issue with a private drain that you are responsible for, you should seek the advice from a registered plumber.

Some new private buildings may have installed on-site detention (OSD) systems to slowly release stormwater during storm events.  These systems are owned by and the responsibility of the property owner(s).

Council manages most of the stormwater drainage network to cope with rainwater in our local streets, but not private drains.

We provide maintenance to our stormwater drainage network which includes kerb and channel, drainage pipes and pits in the street and most easements.

Maintenance can include street sweeping, removal of rubbish, silt, tree roots and other blockages. These can be removed by suction, high pressure jetting and root cutting.

We also upgrade and replace our drainage system as required.

Our focus is to assess and prioritise areas where water has entered a home and is likely to displace residents.

Council has multiple projects to manage stormwater which include:

  • Rehabilitation works – often replacing failed drains
  • Local drainage program
  • Strategic drainage program
  • Development Contribution Program – where new developments contribute to the upgrade of drains in the area

Melbourne Water is responsible for large drains and creeks. Council drains flow into creeks and larger drains. Melbourne Water maintains these larger drains and creeks.

Department of Transport (VicRoads) is responsible for some drains and pits on arterial roads

Issues with our stormwater drainage network

You can report your issue online or contact Council on 9518 3555 to report drainage issues and we will respond within 10 working days.

Report online

You will be able to upload a photo/document to help us respond to your request.

When reporting the issue, we will ask you for:

  • The location of the pit/lid (Property Search screen)
  • Enter the location address or the nearest address. You will be able to add more information in the ‘further information’ field (next screen)

Blocked Drainage Pit

Damaged/Missing Drainage Pit Lids

An inspection may occur to determine what, if any action is to be undertaken. Please report missing or displaced pit lids to Council so that these can be safely put back in a timely manner.

Common issues

Capacity issues are the most common when our drainage system is overloaded.

Unfortunately we must wait until the water dispels before performing maintenance works.  Our standard is to address concerns when water directly affects the inside of your home.

Tree roots also cause issues, blocking drains.  Once reported they will be inspected, roots cut and then cleared so the drain can continue to function.

Blockages during a storm event are common due to debris. Once reported, these are inspected and cleared so the drain can continue to function.

Issues with pipes

If you are concerned about leaking or broken pipes, reports can be made to the relevant water authority via the details below:

Yarra Valley Water
Report a Fault – 13 27 62
Complaints / Feedback – 1300 853 811

Report a fault online

South East Water
Report a Fault - 13 28 12
Report a leak online
Check what's happening in your area

Connecting to the our stormwater drainage network

If you need to connect to, or make alterations to our stormwater drainage network, you will need a Stormwater Connection Permit and have Drainage Inspections performed on the works.

The connection of a private drain into the Council drain must be undertaken in accordance with the Legal Point of Discharge.

Further enquiries


Phone: (03) 9518 3555