If you see someone defacing property with graffiti, please call police on 000.

Monash Council seeks to reduce incidents of graffiti from our municipality with:

  • The removal of reported graffiti from Council property within 5 days (or within 4 hours if the graffiti is obscene or offensive)
  • Free graffiti removal kits for residents and businesses
  • A weekly programmed clean-up of graffiti from laneways using supervised Community Correctional Services clean-up teams that work in partnership with other authorities

Street art murals

Street art murals have been created across Monash to tackle ugly graffiti tags.

Find out more by visiting our Street Art Projects page


Report graffiti

Step 1.Council property

Report graffiti online

Step 2.Private property

Graffiti on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Graffiti removal kits are available to all Monash residents and businesses, free of charge. Kits will clean up to 1m².

Pick up your kit from:

  • Oakleigh Service Centre
    3 Atherton Road, Oakleigh
    Opening hours

Prevent, Report, and Remove

Research has shown the best way to manage graffiti is to:

  • Prevent - Keep your property clean, tidy and free of rubbish.
  • Report - Report graffiti on your property to Victoria Police so they can build a database and help find offenders. If you see someone defacing property with graffiti, please call police on 000. 
  • Remove - Aim to remove graffiti from your property within 48 hours. Graffiti attracts graffiti - by removing it promptly, graffiti is less likely to reoccur.

Our 'Report Graffiti' document provides more information and key contact details to refer to: Report Graffiti Document(PDF, 113KB)

Graffiti Removal Policy and Strategy

We are undertaking our graffiti management program in accordance with the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007.

Please see the Monash Graffiti Removal Policy and Strategy(PDF, 314KB)