Food Premises


Council's Environmental Health Officers conduct annual food safety inspections of food businesses to ensure proper food safety measures are being carried out.

Everybody who prepares and/or stores food for sale is required under the Food Act 1984 to register their business with Council or notify Council of their operation.

If you wish to renew registration for your business, you can do it Online or by visiting the Monash Civic Centre or Oakleigh Service Centre.

    The Food Act 1984 defines 4 different classes of food premises, each with different registration or notification requirements. 

    To find out which class your new business falls into, refer to our Food Business Classifications section or contact Council’s Public Health Unit on 9518 3555. 

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    Permit Fees

    Relevant fees apply to each permit. The department responsible for a specific permit will determine the fees and the Business Application Officer will arrange payment after you have completed the online application.

    Permit Fees(PDF, 179KB)


    Food Safety Programs, Minimum Records and Training

    It's Your Food newsletter

    August 2023 edition(PDF, 833KB)


    Food Complaints