Property Information

Ready to build or buy a property? The below information may help you with your project or purchase.

Property Information Certificates

Property Information Certificates will provide you with information about the property or works that have been undertaken on that property in the past 10 years.

Property Information Certificate (Regulation 51):

  • Part 1 - shows building permits issued in the past 10 years and any outstanding building notices or orders
  • Part 2 - shows whether the property is flood-prone, termite-prone or in an alpine area
  • Part 3 - shows building permits issued in the past 10 years and the date and type of inspection carried out for a building permit

It is recommended that a 51 (Part 1) Certificate is requested prior to requesting a 51 (Part 3) Certificate. Read more about the order of requests.

A person cannot make an application for Part 3, unless the person is authorised in writing by the owner. Read more about acting on behalf of the owner.

Applications can be lodged and paid for online:

Request Certificate Online

Certificate of Title

A Certificate of Title is a person's record of interests and rights affecting their land. The Certificate of Title is issued by the Registrar of Titles to the person entitled to it, for example the registered proprietor or mortgagee.

The Certificate of Title shows the date it was created, plus all registrations and recordings made in the Register at the time. This includes the name(s) of registered proprietor(s) and other interests such as mortgages, covenants and caveats.

If you do not have a current Certificate of Title, you can get a copy through the Landata website.

Monash Maps

The Monash Interactive Maps provide easy access to information such as:

  • Aerial photos
  • Historical aerial photo (from 1951)
  • Properties and addresses
  • Council services
  • Community facilities
  • Essential services
  • Parks and gardens
  • Planning controls (Heritage Overlay, Vegetation Protection Overlay)

To view planning controls, select a property on the map and right-click on that property.

Dial Before You Dig

Dial 1100 for the free DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG hotline OR online at Dial Before You Dig

If your building project involves digging into the ground in any way, this will tell you about any underground pipes or cables where you are proposing to build, and who owns them.

DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG cannot give you information about all possible easements on your property but you do not have to fill out any forms or put down any money.

Monash Planning Scheme online

Check Planning Schemes Online for Monash’s planning schemes.

A planning scheme or overlay is often put in place because the designated authority has deemed the area to be, for example, prone to flooding or considered a bushfire risk.

You can also look up your basic property information at VicPlan. The general search is free and will show any planning schemes that may apply to your property.

Copies of Building Plans and Documents

If you require a copy of your plans, please complete the online form:

Request for a copy of building permit documents

If you are unsure about your need for a permit, please see the following page:  Do I Need a Building Permit?

If you are still unsure about your property information and if it may affect your building project, please call Council on 9518 3555.


Property Information Certificate

It is recommended that prior to requesting a 51(3) Property Information Certificate, a 51(1) Certificate is requested. If any permits are listed on the 51(1) Certificate, then a 51(3) Certificate may list the inspections for these permits. If a 51(1) Certificate has no permits listed, it is likely that the 51(3) Certificate will have no information available.


Under Section 248 of the Building Act 1993, a person must not act on behalf of an owner of a building or land for the purpose of making any application, appeal or referral under this Act or Regulations unless the person is authorised in writing by the owner to do so.