Appealing against your Rates

You can appeal against your rates, as outlined below. You can also object to your property's revaluation, see: Objecting to a valuation.

Appeal to the County Court

If you disagree with the rates you have been charged, you may lodge an appeal with the County Court within 60 days of receiving your annual rates notice. You should also advise Council of the appeal within this time.

The grounds of appeal, as set out in Section 184 of the Local Government Act 1989, are:

  • in the case of a rate (other than a special rate under section 221), that the land in respect of which the rate was declared was not rateable land
  • that the rate or charge assessment was calculated incorrectly
  • that the person levied with the rate or charge was not liable to be rated

Please note: the Fire Services Property Levy and the Land Classification are not subject to appeal.

Appeal Forms

The following prescribed forms are required to be filed with the court:

Originating Motion Between Parties (Form 5B)

This is an initiating document used to commence civil proceedings in certain situations, for example under an Act of Parliament or if there is no defendant. Copies are filed at the court, given a number and sealed. Copies are then returned to the Plaintiff to enable service on the Defendant.


This is a document that sets out, in numbered paragraphs, information that the person swearing the Affidavit (called the deponent), wishes to present to the court in written form.

These forms can be found on the County Court of Victoria website.

Alternatively, the County Court can be contacted on 8636 6510. The County Court Registry is open between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.