Food Complaints

Our Environmental Health Officers respond to public complaints about alleged food poisoning, poor food handling or cleanliness, and food suspected to contain foreign objects. 

Make a Food Complaint

Please contact the Public Health Unit on 9518 3555 or if you have any concerns or would like to lodge a complaint about issues including the following:

  • You have suffered an illness as a result of consuming food – see Food Poisoning for more information
  • You have found a foreign object in your food such as metal, glass or insect – see Foreign Objects in Food for more information
  • You have concerns regarding poor food practices and cleanliness of staff and premises

Council will investigate your complaint. All complaints are treated as confidential and, if you leave your details, you will be kept informed of the progress and outcome of the investigation. 

Food Poisoning

It can take up to 72 hours from when you consumed contaminated food or drink before you experience the first symptoms.

If you believe you have food poisoning, it is important you contact your doctor and Council's Public Health Unit as soon as possible.

To help with our investigation, you may be asked to provide a 4-day food history - a list of all food and drink you consumed before your symptoms started. It may also help to provide us with any leftover food samples you suspect may have been the cause of your illness, providing they have been stored correctly. Any leftover food should be wrapped and stored in your fridge.

More Information

Foreign Objects in Food

If you find a foreign object in a food product, do not remove it. Keep the product intact and store according to product instructions, for example in the fridge or seal it in a plastic container. If you have a product you believe is contaminated, you should contact Council's Public Health Unit.