Advocacy on Local Issues

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Council is a strong advocate for its community, directly lobbying decision makers, making effective representation to State or Federal government, and consulting with our community to create a place where people want to live now and in the future.

Suburban Rail Loop – Victorian Government project

Find out about plans for the Suburban Rail Loop in Monash, the stations at Glen Waverley, Clayton and Monash University and Council’s position on what is proposed.

Read more: Suburban Rail Loop in Monash

Current campaigns

  • Gambling - Monash strengthens policy to reduce harm caused by gambling. The Policy recognises that the harms associated with gambling continue to be a major public health and economic issue both within the City of Monash and more broadly across Australia.

  • Homelessness - Homelessness and Social Housing Group Charter. 13 councils representing 2 million residents in Melbourne’s east and southeast have joined in a unified voice calling for urgent action for more social housing to end homelessness.

  • Mental Health - Council provided a submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System. Council undertook extensive internal and external consultation to inform the submission, to represent and respect the needs and human rights of the Monash Community, including our determination to reduce stigma and discrimination for those experiencing a mental health condition

  • Social Housing - EAHA Zone In:Real Action on Social Housing. A shortfall in social housing is a growing issue for the Eastern Metro Region. The EAHA believes introducing mandatory inclusionary zoning at 10% on surplus government land and strategic development sites will guarantee a steady supply of new social and affordable housing. The campaign is run by the Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance and includes Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Monash and Yarra Ranges councils

  • Back Your Neighbour is a campaign run by the Local Government Mayoral Taskforce supporting people seeking Asylum. The taskforce, made up of a group of councils, is speaking out against Federal Government cuts to the status Resolution Support Services program

  • Libraries Change Lives Budget Bid 2019-20 - Council has supported the budget bid by the advocacy campaign Libraries Change Lives to boost operational funding

  • I Love Kinder campaign and  Speaking up for Kinder Families - Kinder gives children the best start at a critical time in their development. If the Federal Government doesn't commit to ongoing funding for 4 year olds, this critical development is at risk

  • A campaign to foster stronger connections between residents within local Monash neighbourhoods and to positively impact residents' perceptions of their own safety and their safety within Monash - Meet Your Street campaign

  • Advocating for State Government funding to further improve the Oakleigh Station Precinct

  • Immunisation campaign(PDF, 149KB) - the immunisation program does important work to protect against harmful diseases in a a safe and effective way. We are advocating to the State Minister for Health to increase funding to local government for this important service.

Successful campaigns

  • Advocating for Federal Government funding for a headspace centre in Monash and incorporating the Raise Your Hand for Monash Youth campaign with Monash youth speaking out about the future young people could have if they receive the mental health support they need, and how the issues young people face impacts on them every day. Result: A commitment by both parties in the lead up to the 2019 Federal election to fund a headspace in Monash

  • Consulting with the LGBTIQ community to determine the priorities, programs and/or activities that Council could progress - Connecting with LGBTIQ community.

Recent campaigns

  • Seeking to work with City of Melbourne to address an increase in homeless people in Monash

  • Advocating for the best possible outcomes for the local community in relation to the State Government's $1.6 billion elevated rail project

  • Calling for a statewide ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas. About 75% of surveyed Monash residents support this ban. Council is pleased that the Victorian Government has announced a ban will be introduced

  • Supporting Waverley Park residents against developer Mirvac's push to keep high voltage powerlines overhead

  • Joining residents in arguing against overdevelopment at two former school sites in Oakleigh South

  • Supporting the Waverley Gymnastics Club in securing funding for a redevelopment of their facility, as part of an expansion of the Oakleigh Recreation Centre

  • Lobbying alongside Monash University for an upgrade at Huntingdale train station

  • Joining with other councils and welfare organisations to advocate for reforms to regulations concerning poker machines. Council is concerned about the impact gambling has on the most vulnerable members of our community

  • Opposing the Australian Government's proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. The changes would have removed provisions that make it unlawful to publicly "offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate" a person because of their race, colour or national or ethnic origin. In 2014, the government withdrew the proposed changes due to community opposition.