Review of Oakleigh Precinct plans

Aerial shot of the Oakleigh precinct

Monash Council investigated upgrades to Oakleigh Station as part of a review of precinct plans.

At its November 2017 meeting, Council resolved to engage a consultant to review the Oakleigh Western Gateway Project (compiled in 2010) to recommend ways to improve the area’s transport interchange.

Council believed there was a need to update the precinct plans given the increasing popularity of the Oakleigh Major Activity Centre.

Oakleigh is a popular area with the local community and with people who travel from across Melbourne to enjoy the food and culture.

A review of the Oakleigh Western Gateway Project ensured the Oakleigh Major Activity Centre continued to develop as an attractive, safe and highly accessible place. Council believes it is important this area meets the changing needs of the community.

The proposed review, which cost about $150,000, focused on the area surrounding the Warrigal Road bridge (Western Gateway) and Oakleigh Station. It developed recommendations on how to best use the public space.

A review of the precinct plans laid the groundwork for Council to advocate for State Government funding to further improve the Oakleigh Station Precinct.

Oakleigh Western Gateway Activation Project

In December 2017, Council upgraded the Warrigal Road underpass at Chester Street and Haughton Road to improve community safety in the area.  

These works were carried out after residents' concerns these areas were unsightly, with bill posters and graffiti regularly plastered along the walls of the underpass. 

The works included:

  • Installation of LED lighting 
  • Widening of footpaths 
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Application of art murals on the walls 
  • Improved seating 
  • Beautification of the area

Extensive community consultation was undertaken to guide the concept and creation of the art work. 

The Western Gateway Activation Project was a joint initiative of Council and State Government. The project was funded by the State Government’s Public Safety Infrastructure Fund and Monash Council.