Missed bin collection

Bin collection delays: Council's contractor Solo has advised us that there may be delays with bin collection timeframes due to a shortage of drivers.

We ask residents to please be patient if your bin is not collected on time and to wait until the next business day to lodge a request. More info: Bin collection delays

If your bin hasn’t been collected on the day of your collection, please leave it on the nature strip and contact Council by no later than 5pm the next business day.

Our drivers may leave a sticker on your bin to let you know why it was missed.

Please fix any issues before reporting a missed collection. 

Report online

Due to COVID-19 impacts, missed bin collections are taking longer than usual to attend to. We appreciate your patience during this time. 

If your bin hasn’t been collected 2 business days after submitting your report, please call 9518 3555.

You can find your bin collection day online

To ensure your bins can be collected:

  • Put them out the night before collection day
  • Only put accepted items in your bins
  • Leave adequate space between bins and any trees, poles or parked cars
  • Make sure your bins aren’t too heavy – if you are struggling to move them to the nature strip, they may be too heavy for the truck to pick up