Members of Parliament

Below is a list of Members of Parliament who represent different parts of the City of Monash.

To find out which MP represents the area you live in:
State electorates - Victorian Electoral Commission website 
Federal electorates - Australian Electoral Commission website

Federal Representatives

Lower house

Carina Garland MP

Member for Chisholm
Electorate Office:

Clare O'Neil MP

Member for Hotham
Electorate Office:

Julian Hill MP

Member for Bruce
Electorate Office:


Senators represent Victoria as a whole rather than suburb-based electorates. You can search for Victorian Senators and their contact details on the Parliament of Australia website.

State Representatives

Lower House

Eden Foster MP

Member for Mulgrave
Electorate Office:

John Mullahy MP

Member for Glen Waverley
Electorate Office:

Steve Dimopoulos MP

Member for Oakleigh
Electorate Office:

Matt Fregon MP

Member for Ashwood
Electorate Office:

Upper House

Members of the Upper House represent one of eight geographical areas across Victoria.

Parts of the City of Monash fall within three of these geographical areas:

Southern Metropolitan, South-Eastern Metropolitan and North-Eastern Metropolitan.

Please find below links to information on the Victorian Parliament website about the regions that fall within Monash. If you visit these links, you can also click through to contact information for each of the members who represent these regions.