Monash Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy

Neighborhood Street

Council adopted the Monash Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy at its 30 October 2018 meeting. This Strategy looks at what defines 'garden city' character, what can be done to improve this characteristic and how to balance development and greening of the landscape.

More information: Report to Council Meeting 30 October 2018 (Item 1.2)

Key documents

Full document with appendices: Monash Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy (Adopted 2018)(PDF, 38MB)

Strategy in parts:

Part 1 - Cover, contents, Vision and Introduction(PDF, 2MB)
Part 2 - Importance of Garden City Character in Monash(PDF, 1MB)
Part 3 - Existing landscape character(PDF, 996KB)
Part 4 - Existing canopy vegetation cover(PDF, 1MB)
Part 5 - Issues and strategy response(PDF, 331KB)
Part 6 - Guidelines(PDF, 525KB)
Part 7 - Implementation recommendations(PDF, 67KB)
Part 8 - Monitoring and review, glossary and references(PDF, 57KB)
Part 9 - Appendix A – Existing and preferred landscape character precincts(PDF, 28MB) (see below for individual sheets and index map)
Part 10 - Appendix B – Case Studies(PDF, 748KB)
Part 11 - Attachment – Index of Drawings and Drawings(PDF, 4MB)

Existing and preferred landscape character precinct sheets (A1 to A28)

Next steps

Council will be considering ways to implement the Strategy through changes to the Monash Planning Scheme, as well as other actions (e.g. publishing guidelines, undertaking community education and campaigns on planting and living with trees or open gardens).

An amendment was submitted to the Planning Minister in April 2020, and we are awaiting authorisation before we can exhibit that amendment. We are also seeking interim planning controls. 

Consultation on the draft strategy

Council sought community feedback on the draft strategy between May and August 2018.

More information: Draft Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy