Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan 2018

Growing Prosperity through Diversity

At its 29 May 2018 meeting, Council adopted the Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2018.

This strategy builds on Council’s ongoing commitment to growing employment and economic opportunity by providing and advocating for high quality, responsive services and infrastructure making Monash a premier location for residents, businesses and their employees to live, learn, work and play.

It focuses directly on issues that have been raised by the business community and promotes the key attributes that make the Monash a strong economic region.

Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2018(PDF, 11MB)

The Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan focuses on four key strategic direction:

  • Support for Business: start, grow and prosper
  • Places for Business: connected, accessible and diverse employment precincts
  • Diversity in Business: facilitating economic growth and prosperity through diversity, collaboration and innovation
  • Attracting Business: investment, industry leaders, innovators and emerging talent.