Standard Drawings

The Civil Engineering Standard Drawings are updated from time to time as required and it is the responsibility of interested parties to regularly check and download any revised standard drawings to keep their copies current. 

Prior to using these standard drawings, it is recommended you contact the Engineering Department on 9518 3555 to determine which drawing is appropriate for the work to be undertaken.


B1 - Standard Bluestone Vehicular Crossing Detail(PDF, 73KB)

B2 - Standard Bluestone Pram Crossing Detail(PDF, 68KB)

B3 - Bluestone Kerb & Channel Details & Treatments(PDF, 73KB)


C1 - Concrete Kerb and Footpath Details(PDF, 44KB)

C2 - Standard Vehicular Crossing in Private Streets(PDF, 197KB)

C3 - Optional Vehicular Crossing(PDF, 178KB)

C4 - Reverse Fall Vehicular Crossing(PDF, 25KB)

C5 - Perambulator Crossing Detail(PDF, 35KB)

C6 - Right of Way Typical Cross-Section(PDF, 30KB)

C7 - Right of Way Jointing System(PDF, 38KB)

C8 - Asphalt Pavement Replacment In Front Of Lip(PDF, 38KB)

C9 - Provision For Tree Roots Under Concrete Paths(PDF, 64KB)

C10 - Heritage Styles For Concrete Paving(PDF, 30KB)

C11 - Standard Residential Crossings 2.9m From Building Line(PDF, 47KB)

C12 - Typical Shared Pathway Cross Section (3.0m)(PDF, 27KB)


D1 - Junction Pit & Grating Pit Details(PDF, 62KB)

D2 - Side-Entry Pit(PDF, 45KB)

D3 - Associated Precast Concrete Sections for Side-Entry Pits(PDF, 40KB)

D4 - Double Side-Entry Pit(PDF, 57KB)

D5 - Grated Side-Entry Pit(PDF, 59KB)

D6 - Double Grated Side-Entry Pit(PDF, 58KB)

D7 - Property Inlets(PDF, 46KB)

D8 - Footpath Drain and Pit(PDF, 34KB)

D9 - Pipe Installation Requirements, Sub-Surface Drainage(PDF, 41KB)

D10A - Flow Control Pit (Orifice Pit)(PDF, 51KB)

D10B - Flow Control Pit Litter Grate Details(PDF, 43KB)

D11 - Grating Grille To Fit Within Standard Side Entry Pit Frame(PDF, 36KB)

D12 - Raised Grating Grille To Suit 600x600 Pit(PDF, 48KB)

D13 - Standard Treatment For Drainage Pits Within Proposed Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 46KB)


M1 - Traffic Island for Road Width 7.3m(PDF, 46KB)

M2 - Timber Bollard(PDF, 44KB)

M3 - Concrete Cricket Pitch(PDF, 27KB)

M4 - Steel Gate(PDF, 48KB)

M5 - Installation Of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators & Measurement From Kerb(PDF, 39KB)

M6 - Off-Road Shared Path Pavement Marking And Bollard Details(PDF, 36KB)