New street or park furniture and signage

Picnic Table

Council provides certain types of outdoor furniture and signage on Council managed land, such as benches, picnic tables, bin surrounds, bike racks, Reserve ID signs, vehicle and pedestrian wayfinding signs.

You may lodge a request or suggestion for a new street or park furniture and signage.

Lodge a request for new furniture or signage in reserve or park:

New furniture/signage - reserve or park

Lodge a request for new furniture or signage in another location:

New furniture/signage - another location

The following information may help you better understand the request process.

Typical street or park furniture and signage

Typical furniture requests include:

Typical street or park signage requests include:

What is the Street Furniture Request process?

Requests are referred to a Furniture Request Reference Group including all relevant departments, which considers each request with regard to the following factors:

  • Land ownership
  • Strategic context and priority
  • Land use and context
  • Current level of service
  • Site activity and service demand
  • Safety and accessibility considerations
  • Site character
  • Legal and compliance requirements
  • Service authority requirements
  • Budget

Below are some examples of the policies used in consideration of request:

Monash Playground and Playspace Strategy 2020(PDF, 16MB) provides minimum playground infrastructure provision standards.

Active Monash Capital Works Priorities Framework(PDF, 71KB), which is a prioritisation model for identifying capital projects. This is an important step in ensuring Council delivers robust asset management through sound and transparent principles and processes. The process ensures we effectively deliver on Council’s vision and supports the implementation of future asset management plans across Council’s many asset classes.

Monash Reserves External Signage and Wayfinding Guidelines. This document establishes a common visual language across the City of Monash reserve signage, provides a consistent presentation of information that ensures clarity and simplicity of user navigation. It assists Council’s responsible officers to identify the purpose, location, placement, design, and procurement of relevant signage. Please contact us for further information if you are interested in learning more.

On what type of land Council has responsibility and can consider new street infrastructure provision?

Council can consider provision of new street infrastructure on the following land:

  • Council owned or managed Reserve/Park
  • An outdoor area of Council owned property for public use, such as garden outside a neighbourhood house
  • Council road reserve
  • Council owned carpark
  • Council owned laneway (after installation the clearance in laneway must be no less than 3m)

Council is not the responsible authority to provide street infrastructure on the following land:

  • Private land
  • Crown land managed by other authorities, including Melbourne Water, VicTrack, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), for example Jells Park managed by DEECA
  • Land outside Monash boundary

Council can consider new street infrastructure provision on land below upon approval from others:

  • Major shared trail corridor managed by Council, that is 2m from each side of trail edge and within 3m height, requires approval from relevant authority, such as VicTrack, Melbourne Water, DELWP
  • Arterial Roads - The Department of Transport is the Coordinating Road Authority for all arterial roads in the municipality. The demarcation of responsibility for arterial road reserves can be found in Council’s Road Management Plan 2021(PDF, 6MB).

More information

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