Do I Need a Building Permit?

Small building works such as a wall or a garden shed less than 10m2, may not require a building permit. But under some circumstances like when underground pipes or fire safety are involved, a permit may be required. As the building owner, you may need specific permission in addition to a building permit, for example if you want to build on or near an easement or are within a heritage overlay area.

If you need a building permit, you will almost always need an asset protection permit from Council, and you may need special permission from Council if you need access through Council-owned property such as reserves. Please remember that even if you don’t need a building permit, you will still need a planning permit if you are proposing to build on an allotment of land less than 500m2.

The advice can be obtained either in person at the Civic Centre during business hours or by calling 9518 3555.  

If you know you require a building permit, please see the following page for information on: How to Apply for a Building Permit.

Information like Property Information Certificates, Certificate of Title and planning schemes may affect your building plans. Please check the following page for details on how to view this information: Property Information.

Permit Requirements

Council has answered a few questions so you can quickly check out your permit needs:

Is the work on a commercial property?

You will need not only a building permit but a planning permit as well.

Are you an owner-builder?

Do you own the land being developed and are you planning on doing the majority of the physical work involved yourself?

Owner-builders fall into a category of their own when it comes to the relevant rules, regulation and paperwork.

You will need not only a building permit, but several other pieces of paperwork including a Certificate of Consent if the value of the proposed work is above $16,000. Please contact Council on 9518 3555 for more details about your requirements.

Do you want to subdivide the land?

If you want to subdivide land, you will need to obtain a planning permit, but you don't need a building permit.