Tree Pruning

Council is responsible for all formative and maintenance pruning. Residents and landowners are not permitted to prune Council trees.

Council engages suitably qualified arborist and contractors to undertake annual inspections and carry out any works that are required, see our map showing when pruning is due in Monash(PDF, 489KB).

Why Council prunes trees

Tree pruning is done in accordance with Australian Standard 4373-2007 - Pruning of amenity trees, and is done:

  • To ensure road and power/service line clearance is maintained
  • To prevent the impact or damage to property
  • To prevent occupational health, safety and welfare risk to the public
  • For the correct development of young trees
  • To ensure footpath clearance access
  • To ensure sight line clearances for signs, crossovers and traffic lights

Council will not allow unreasonable pruning of trees:

  • For solar access
  • To reduce leaf, fruit and litter debris
  • For causing minor allergy and irritant responses
  • To minimise obstructions of advertising signage and desired views
  • For awnings, verandahs and other projections over public open space
  • To reduce the impact from animal waste or noise
  • For personal aesthetic preference 

Property and boundary clearance pruning

Council will reduce canopies over a property boundary, but will not compromise the integrity of the canopy and will do so in accordance with the Australian Standard to maintain the health of the tree.

Repeat pruning will only be considered for excessive regrowth, and excessive pruning will not be considered.

Road and footpath clearance pruning

Council manages street tree clearance on public roads, and maintains the following clearances:

  • Footpath/shared path: 2.5m
  • Local road: 4.5m

Council takes a risk-based approach to determining street tree clearance requirements based on traffic needs and consequences to the streetscape. Council may implement separate traffic controls, such as warning markers or low-clearance warning signs, where desired clearance cannot be attained. For more information, please see the Road Management Plan.

Pruning near power lines

Council is responsible for maintaining the minimum safe distance between trees and power lines as per the Electrical Safety Act 1998 and Electric Line Clearance Regulations 2020. To achieve this, Council reviews and implements an Electrical Line Clearance Management Plan on an annual basis, which identifies the actions Council will take to achieve its obligations.

More information: Electric Line Clearance Management Plan

Council engages suitably qualified arborists and contractors to undertake inspections and carry out any required works.

Pruning request

Step 1.Submit pruning request

If you believe the street tree outside your property needs pruning, please call 9518 3555 or submit your request online.

You will be able to upload a photo of the tree to help us respond to your request.

Pruning Request

In case of a safety hazard, please call Council's After Hours Service on 9518 3555.

Step 2.Review

After you report the issue, a member of our Horticulture team will review your request and action as appropriate. If requested, Council will notify you of the outcome.

Every street tree in Monash is inspected and, if needed, pruned once a year.