Planning Application Forms

The following is a list of common planning application forms, guidelines and permits used by Council.

You can apply online for most planning applications.

For additional guidelines which may affect your proposed development, please see: Planning Guidelines.

How can I submit these forms to Council and what are the payment options?

Payment forms and payment options


Application Procedures

This guideline details the process for Planning Applications from the point of lodgement:

Guide to Planning Application Procedures(PDF, 29KB)

A meeting with a Council Planning Officer prior to the lodgement of an Application for Planning Permit will help to resolve design issues and identify the information to be submitted to facilitate a speedy consideration of the application:

Guide to Pre-Application meetings in Monash(PDF, 115KB)

Copy of Plans

Request for search and copy of planning permit and/or endorsed plans:

Request for copy of Planning Permit documents

Extension of Time

This guideline has been prepared to detail the issues and procedures relevant to an application to extend the time for either, the commencement, or the completion of a use, and/or development permitted by a Planning Permit

Extension of Time for Permits in Monash - Guidelines(PDF, 178KB)

How to apply for an extension of time for a planning permit?

You can make application to extend your permit:

  • Before the permit expires or within 6 months after the permit expiry date, where the permit has not yet started
  • Within 12 months after the permit expiry date, where the permit has started

To help us when considering your request, you need to complete the below online application and pay the applicable fee:

Request for Extension of Time to Planning Permit

Fees and Charges

Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) must be paid to State Revenue Office (SRO) if the estimated cost of a development is more than $1,207 million (effective 1 July 2023). A planning application cannot be lodged without a current MPL certificate. Please refer to the SRO website –

Guide to Planning Fees/Charges (effective from 1 July 2023):

Planning Fees and Charges(PDF, 270KB)

Request for a Landscape Final Inspection

This form is to be used to request a final landscape inspection for the release of a Statement of Compliance in relation to a subdivision applicationA site inspection will be carried out upon evidence of completed landscaping.

Landscape Final Inspection Request(PDF, 304KB)

Land Liable to Flooding

Land that is liable to flooding has an additional approval requirement. However an exemption is granted from a Planning Permit, if a block of land is greater than 500m2. At this point the form "Land Liable to Flooding - Report and Consent" will be used to be granted an exemption from Council.

Note: If all or any part of the proposed building footprint is within the  Special Building Overlay (SBO) or Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) a Planning Permit is required.

BLD0313A - Land Liable to Flooding - Report and Consent from Council (reg 802)(PDF, 335KB)

Neighbourhood Description

Read more: Neighbourhood Character

Planning Permit - Amendment

Use this form to amend a current planning permit application or current amendment application; under Section 50 (before public notification) and Section 57A (after public notification) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and to provide the information required by regulation 16 of the Planning and Environment Regulation 2005.

Application to Amend a Current Planning Application under Section 50 or 57A(PDF, 686KB)

Application to amend approved planning permit: Apply online

Secondary Consent

Where a permit allows (for example: the permit contains a condition such as "the development as shown on the endorsed plans must not be altered without the written consent of the Responsible Authority"), you may request minor changes to the endorsed plans by Secondary Consent.

To apply for Secondary Consent, you need to complete the below online application and pay the applicable fee:

Request for Secondary Consent

Guide to Amend an Approved Development Plan by Secondary Consent(PDF, 201KB) 

Site Description

Pursuant to Clauses 54.01 and 55.01 of the Monash Planning Scheme, the following detail must be provided to scale and be accurately shown in the Site Description:

Site Description - Checklist(PDF, 50KB)
This Certificate of Accuracy should be signed by the Architect, Designer or Consultant that has prepared the Site Description Plan:

Site Description - Certificate of Plan Accuracy(PDF, 17KB)

Tree Removal

Tree removal or tree works within the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO):

Vegetation Protection Overlay application forms

Written Planning Advice

If you require advice in writing, for example whether a planning permit is required for your proposal, please submit the Request for Written Planning Advice form, including relevant fee. You may want to include plans or other details of your proposal.

Request Written Planning Advice

Please allow strong 10–14 working days for a response.

Additional Requirements

There may be some additional requirements:

Additional Requirements

Planning Fees/Charges

Guide to Planning Fees/Charges (effective from 1 July 2023):

Planning Fees and Charges(PDF, 270KB)


Please refer to Planning Fees & Charges (above) when completing these forms.

Please do NOT send cash through the mail and please do NOT email payment forms with Credit Card Details.

Statutory Planning Credit Card Payment Form(PDF, 1MB)

Statutory Planning Invoice(DOCX, 219KB)

All forms and payments can be submitted via the following methods:

  • In person (cash/cheque/credit) - Council Office at 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley
  • By mail - forward cheque, money order, credit card payment form to Monash City Council, PO Box 1, GLEN WAVERLEY VIC 3150