Neighbourhood Character

Neighbourhood character is the way buildings, vegetation and topography create a visual sense of place. Some characteristics are more important than others in creating different characters.

The City of Monash’s residential areas have a 'garden city character' that is highly valued by the community and residents. Developers need a degree of certainty as to the form of development that is acceptable in residential areas, and Council is committed to effectively managing change in these areas.

Council’s Residential Development and Character Policy at Clause 22.01 of the Monash Planning Scheme applies to all residential land in Monash and seeks to enhance the garden city character and ensure development is consistent with the key characteristics and the desired future character of each designated character precinct.

New residential development must respect the existing neighbourhood character or contribute to the preferred neighbourhood character of an area, and any application for development is encouraged to respond to this policy.

The designated precincts are:

  • Heritage Precincts
  • Creek Abuttal Areas
  • Creek Environs
  • Dandenong Valley Escarpment
  • Garden City Suburbs (Southern area)
  • Garden City Suburbs (Northern area)
  • Oakleigh and Wheelers Hill Activity Centres
  • Monash National Employment Cluster and Clayton Activity Centre - Housing Diversity Area
  • Housing Growth Areas - Clayton Activity Centre and Monash National Employment Cluster

The policy also directs residential growth to activity and neighbourhood centres that are well-serviced by public transport, commercial, recreational, community and educational facilities.

The heritage precincts, creek environs and Dandenong Valley Escarpment present limited redevelopment potential by virtue of their heritage values, proximity to creek reserves and relative inaccessibility to activity centres and transport nodes.

For a map and more information, see the planning scheme on the Department of Water, Environment, Land and Planning website.