You can view advertised planning applications and register objection ONLINE at the following website: Advertised Planning Applications

Alternatively, you can view all planning applications at Council offices:

Civic Centre, 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley (business hours)
Phone: 9518 3555

You can also download the form below (to submit by mail, email or in person)

Please read the following information before making your submission:

Read before making your submission

Please read the following information before making your submission

  1. To make a submission you should clearly complete the details on this form and lodge it with Council by email, mail, fax, or in person.
  2. State the reason for your objection and how you would be affected if a permit was granted.
  3. If your submission is about the impact the application could have on a property which is not your principal place of residence, please provide the address of that property and details of your interest in it when stating how you would be affected.
  4. To ensure your submission is considered by Council it should be received by the date specified in the Notice of Application.
  5. Please be aware that copies of submissions received are placed on a public file and are not confidential. They may be made available to any person as part of the planning process.
  6. If, despite your objection, Council decides to grant the permit, you can appeal against the decision. Details of the appeal procedures are set out on the back of the Notice of Decision that you will receive. An appeal must be made on a prescribed form (obtainable from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee. A copy must be given to Council, the Applicant and all Objectors. The closing date for appeals is 21 days after Council gives notice of its decision.
  7. The Applicant can also appeal Council's decision. The provisions are set out in the Refusal of Planning Application Notice that will be issued at that time.

Please note:

For an objection to be withdrawn it must be unconditional (no conditions included)

Privacy notice:

The information you provide within your objection is collected by Council for the purposes of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (PE Act).

If you do not provide your name and address, Council will not be able to consider your objection (or other submission).

Your submission will be available at the Council's office for any person to inspect and copies may be made available on request to any person for the relevant period set out in the PE Act.

You can request access to your personal information by contacting Council.

Register objection or response online

If you wish to register an objection or other response, you may make your submission online.

Please select 'Planning Applications Currently Advertised' and then Application Number.

Submit online


Complete form

Please quote the Application Number, which can be obtained from Advertised Planning Applications

Planning Objection Form - PDF version(PDF, 355KB)

Planning Objection Form - MS Word version(DOC, 90KB)

To make a submission, please forward the completed form to Monash Council by: