Apply for a Building Permit

In Victoria, you can choose to use either a Private Building Surveyor or Council's service to obtain a Building Permit.

Council’s Building Permit service is targeted towards smaller and mid-size residential projects and can only be sought from Council for properties located within the City of Monash.

If you would like to use the services of Council, you can make your application in 2 ways, electronically at any time through our application portal, or by posting hard copies of the documentation and/or coming to our Centre during business hours.


  • Contact Council's Building Team on 9518 3555 during business hours to get a quote on the fee applicable for your proposal. Information to be provided to obtain a quote includes the type of work and the total cost of the project.
  • A lodgement fee of $130.90 is applicable to all building permit applications.
  • Submissions via the Online Portal will require the lodgement fee to be paid at the time of lodgement. 
  • The lodgement fee for applications via post or in person will be included within the building permit application invoice.
  • An invoice will be sent to the applicant for the balance of the building permit application fees applicable to the proposal. These fees are required to be paid prior to the application being assessed.  

Required documents

For properties located in the City of Monash, to apply for a building permit with Council you will require the following:

  • Copy of Title. The title must be no older than 3 months and must include ownership details, plans of subdivision and any covenants/conditions.
  • Plans of the proposed work. Site Plans and Architectural Drawings can be drawn up by the owner however they are required to be to of an architectural standard.
  • If the applicant is not the owner, an Appointment of an Agent Form(DOCX, 434KB) must be completed and signed by all owners of the property.
  • The Building Permit Application Form (Form 1)(PDF, 505KB) must be completed and signed.
  • Approved Planning Permit and approved plans/documents, if applicable.
  • Any other relevant documentation - this includes, but is not limited to, builder's warranty insurance or owner-builder's certificate, energy efficiency report, structural engineers' design. 
  • Please note, if the cost of works is greater than $10,000 a government levy is applicable prior to the issuing of the Building Permit. The Victorian Building Authority will contact the applicant directly via email regarding these levies.

For further details regarding applying for a building permit, please read: Building Permit Information

Apply online

Step 1.Prepare documents

Please prepare all required documents before beginning the application process:

  • Copy of Title
  • Plans of the proposed work
  • Appointment of an Agent Form
  • Building Permit Application Form (Form 1)
  • If applicable, approved Planning Permit and approved plans/documents and any other relevant documents

Step 2.Apply online

Apply for Building Permit


Post, In Person

 You can  apply for a Building Permit by posting hard copies of the documentation and/or coming into Council during business hours.