Helping clean up Clayton

We’re helping Clayton residents understand their responsibilities to help care for where they live and provide a safe and clean environment for all. This has come from concerns from people in the Clayton community who are proud of their neighbourhood and want to see everyone doing their bit to keep it clean and tidy.

Due to the transient population living near Monash University, some residents may not be familiar with the area and what they need to do to manage their waste.

With funding support from Monash University, peer-to-peer education is being provided to Clayton residents. Issues we are helping to address include:

  • Dumping of waste
  • Unsightly properties
  • Contaminated or overflowing bins

Recycling Feedback Officers will be checking recycling and food and garden waste bins to provide residents with tailored feedback on their recycling efforts and help them learn how to use their bins correctly. They will also check for dumped rubbish, overflowing bins and bins being left out.     

What are my responsibilities? 

As a resident, it is your responsibility to:

  • Put your bin out for collection and return the bin to your property within 24 hours of collection 
  • Keep bin lids closed (please do not overfill your bin) 
  • Keep the nature strip and your property free of litter and dumped rubbish
  • Put accepted items in the correct bin - rubbish goes in the red lid binrecycling goes in the yellow lid bin and food and garden waste goes in the green lid bin
  • Empty your letter box

Where can I find more information? 

You can find helpful information on how to responsibly deal with your waste below: 

  • Hard waste collection - find out how to dispose of hard waste.
  • Monash Recycling and Waste Centre - we accept many items for free, including electronic items, light globes and scrap metal. You can also drop off large items such as furniture, mattresses and bed bases - for a fee.