Road Management Plan

Monash Council is the road authority for about 734km of local roads, plus associated footpaths and other assets. The Road Management Plan has been prepared to document how Council manages the local road system.

The Plan seeks to balance the competing influences that impact Council's level of service - including economic, technical, social, safety and environmental influences.

In managing the local road system, Council seeks to establish a reasonable level of service to meet the expectations of road users and the local community.

Road Management Plan 2021

At its 29 June 2021 meeting, Council adopted the revised Road Management Plan 2021. The revised plan came into effect on 1 September, 2021.

Read more information on the plan:

Road Management Plan 2021(PDF, 6MB)

The changes to the Plan were based on community feedback, engagement with relevant stakeholder groups, benchmarking, and peer review with neighbouring councils and the Department of Transport, as well as legal and insurance considerations. The body of the Plan has been updated and reflects improvements to policies and maintenance and management practices.

Council continues to maintain very high standards for the repair and maintenance of roads, pathways and road-related assets in comparison to other councils. These standards include the time taken to make repairs, and at what point Council will intervene to repair a defect. 

In the 2021 version of the Road Management Plan, we have made one change to standards, allowing more time to make non-urgent repairs to roads on bus routes. This provides sufficient time to consult bus operators before undertaking routine repair works. 

Public Road and Pathway registers

The Register of Public Roads and the Register of Pathways have been revised and the latest editions are listed below:

Register of Public Roads - 31 July 2021(PDF, 884KB)

Public Roads Change Register - 31 July 2021(PDF, 479KB)

Register of Pathways - 31 July 2021(PDF, 551KB)