Cr Anjalee de Silva

Councillor for Mount Waverley Ward

Cr Anjalee de Silva

I am honoured to be able to represent you as your Councillor for Mount Waverley Ward. I am a lawyer, academic, and proud Mount Waverley local. I recently completed my PhD through Melbourne Law School.

I strongly believe that our elected representatives need to understand and work on behalf of all members of our local community. Having been born in Sri Lanka and experienced my own journey as an immigrant, I believe that I am uniquely placed to contribute to supporting and communicating with Monash’s extensive multicultural community. I have also been dedicated to issues of social and environmental justice throughout my life and career, particularly as they relate to women and girls. I am committed to representing all of us and to advocating for quality, affordable services and our local environment and amenity.

As your Councillor, I will always do my utmost to deliver outcomes that best serve all residents and ratepayers. My skills, knowledge, and experience will assist me to do so in an accountable and transparent manner. I am particularly passionate about retaining our garden city character. Mount Waverley Ward, as well as many other parts of Monash, are such beautiful, nature-filled places to live, and I will fight to make sure that that remains the case. I will also fight to make sure that all members of our Monash community have access to recreation and green public spaces, rather than just the powerful and privileged few. Additionally, I am passionate about maternal health and early childhood care, as well as combatting violence against women and girls. That includes improving factors that influence public safety, such as through the physical design of our urban environment. Finally, I am deeply conscious that Council has a key role to play in tackling the climate emergency. Measures directed at reducing emissions and assisting communities to adapt to climate change are critically important and, in my view, Monash can do much more.

I am so excited to be able to work for you to rebuild our canopy cover, rewild and regenerate our creeks and reserves, make our public spaces and services more affordable and accessible, advance our women and girls, invest in our cycling infrastructure and public transport, revitalise our local businesses, and do our bit to address the climate emergency. I am so excited to get to work for you to protect our precious environment and create a more equitable and sustainable Monash for all of us. Thank you for entrusting me to do so.

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