Parking fine - payment plan

You can email to request a Payment Plan with Council, which would be an extension of time to pay, or to request a Payment Arrangement with Fines Victoria.   

In the case of a Payment Arrangement, you would be able to pay by installments to Fines Victoria, in the amount and frequency set by Fines Victoria. If a Payment Arrangement is preferred, Council will notify Fines Victoria of the request and Fines Victoria will then respond directly to you.  

Payment arrangements are like payment plans but they are assessed and managed by the Director, Fines Victoria. They enable a person to consolidate all their fines into one arrangement as they can include fines:

  • from different enforcement agencies
  • at different stages of the lifecycle, and
  • issued by a court

When writing to Council at the above email address and to request either a Payment Plan with Council or a Payment Arrangement with Fines Victoria.

You must include the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Infringement Notice number
  • Car registration number