Media Response - Political Signage

Published on 26 April 2022

Query from The Age:

My colleague snapped photos of UAP ads on public land - taken near Waverley Oval in Malvern and the corner of Warrigul Road and Monash Freeway in Chadstone over the weekend. 

1. What is council's position on erecting political signs on public land?

2. Has the UAP sought council permission to erect the political signs?

3. If the signs are not allowed, will council ask UAP to remove the signs?

4. Any other comments. 


The freeway sign is on the freeway reserve outside Council’s jurisdiction and would sit with VicRoads.  The other signs are in the Stonnington Council area.

Council values the open and free flow of information between candidates in an election to help the community make an informed decision.

However, Council will enforce relevant controls on Coreflute political signs (or any other type) that are placed and left on Council land such as a footpath, nature strip or a reserve, or any structure on that Council land. This includes removing the signs.

Issued20 April 2022

To: The Age

QuotingMayor, Councillor Stuart James