Media Response Christmas Decorations 2019

Questions and Responses

How much has Monash Council spent overall on Christmas decorations throughout the municipality this year?

The expenditure for the 2019 Christmas period (including costs for dismantling and returning to storage) is expected to be just over $78,000.

What has this spend consisted of? E.g: a giant tree somewhere, covers over rubbish bins, decorations on shopping strips etc? 

We have a large traditional tree in Oakleigh, 22 spheres/baubles of varying sizes, 2 large pyramid trees and 4 small pyramid trees.  The spend covers more than just the decorations. Costs include the installation and dismantling of items, transport, traffic management, variable messaging signs, maintenance, design and printing (e.g. bin decals, vinyl banners).

Is there a big ticket/showpiece item?

There is no one item that is a particular ‘big ticket’. The biggest items are the Eaton Mall tree, and the two pyramid trees in Kingsway and Centreway at Pinewood Shopping Village. The cost to transport, install and then remove and store the 29 large decorations across the municipality is what contributes to much of the annual cost. 

And how much has that cost?

This figure was around $50,000.

Has the council increased its spending on decorations this year?


If so, by how much, and why?


How are these decorations funded?

Through a Council Budget allocation of $80K (+GST) at the beginning of the financial year.

Does the Council have plans to increase spending and celebrate the occasion further in the future?

This will be assessed annually.

Issued: 26 November 2019
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Stuart James