Media Response Dog Attack Tally Ho Reserve (Mount Waverley)

Questions and Responses

I'm working on a story about a dog attack outside Tally Ho Reserve on April 14 about 5.30pm. I've spoken to the owner of the dog who was attacked by a bigger dog and she mentioned that she reported the attack to Monash Council.

I was hoping to confirm if you have a record of this report and if so, is the council investigating the attack?

This is a worrying incident involving a one year old cavoodle that sustained serious injuries in the attack at Tally Ho Reserve.  The dog was being walked on lead by a woman. The woman also sustained injuries to her hands during the attack. The incident was reported to Council on 14 April.

Council is investigating this incident but has limited information to go on and would appeal to the owner of the dog involved in the incident or any witnesses to contact our team on 9518 3555. The second dog is described as a powerfully built dog, possibly a Staffordshire Terrier, that was being walked by a girl. The girl left with the dog and did not exchange any information.

Issued: Thursday, 22 April 2020
To: Monash Leader.
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Stuart James