Media Response hard waste during COVID-19 restrictions

Questions and Responses

Questions for Leader Community News article on hard rubbish:

Are waste transfer stations, tips and recycling centres still open?

Yes, the Monash Waste Transfer and Recycling Station is open from 7.30am - 3pm, 7 days a week (excluding some public holidays).

Who can access them ie commercial users, the general public etc?

The general public and businesses.

Can residents still take hard rubbish to those facilities?

Yes, however we are encouraging people to not go out unnecessarily, in line with the government’s stage 3 social distancing measures.

Does the council offer a hard rubbish collection service?

Yes we have an annual free hard waste collection across the municipality in late July -September. We also offer residents a user pays booked hard waste collection.

How much does that cost per cubic metre?

The cost of the user pays booked hard waste collection has been temporarily reduced to assist people at home at this time. We understand people are taking the opportunity to clear things out at home, so we are providing this service at a reduced cost. The current cost of this service is $110 for residents and $90 for pensioners for up to two cubic metres (2m3) of hard waste.

Is that service available to all residents or only ratepayers? Both, however there are some restrictions in certain locations like businesses and some multi-unit developments.

Does the council run a free hard rubbish collection? Yes usually in late July to September each year over a period of six weeks.

If so how often? Once a year.

Does the council provide tip tickets with the rates notice to allow property owners to either drop off or arrange for a pick-up of their hard rubbish? No

Can renters access those tickets and, if so, how do they obtain them? N/A

Are residents and ratepayers still able to book a skip under COVID-19 restrictions?

Council does not offer skips for hire but no changes have been made to the permit process for residents, businesses or charities placing a privately hired skip on to Council property. Residents do not need a permit if they place the bin within their private property.

Does the municipality have a problem with illegally dumped hard rubbish?

Like many other municipalities we do have areas where dumped rubbish is an issue and we are working proactively with the community to address this through education, inspections and failing those measures, fines.

In Clayton we have done a lot of work regarding dumped rubbish by letters to all residents and in past years, doing a special hard waste collection for students at Monash University. Clayton has a high student population that are transient and this has meant that we have increased education in several languages other than English to inform residents about their responsibilities around their waste collection. We also engage with the property owners so that they are also aware of their responsibilities.  

Recently we began a campaign in Clayton ‘clean up or pay up’ (started prior to the Coronavirus crisis) that was initiated following complaints about rubbish from the Clayton community who are proud of their neighbourhood and want to see everyone doing their bit to keep it clean and tidy. Some of the issues identified include dumping of waste, unsightly properties and contaminated or overflowing bins. For the past 12 months, Council has carried out bin inspections and door knocked residents to provide information and education on waste management. However, the issues have continued. Residents and property owners who ignore the education and warnings provided could face fines up to $500.

Disappointingly, during the last 4 weeks we have seen increases in the amount of dumped rubbish across the City of Monash.

Has that increased since the coronavirus restrictions were introduced?

Unfortunately we have seen an increase in dumped rubbish in the past month and we are addressing this through increased communications to the community through our website and printed publications and following up and investigating complaints.

Does the council have any measure in place to address the issue i.e. Snap Send Solve?

Residents can report dumped waste through Snap, Send, Solve or direct to Council, including via our social media channels.

How many reports have been made of illegally dumped hard rubbish in the past month?

We have received 373 reports in the last 4 weeks.

How does that compare with the same time last year?

For the same 4 week period last year we received 258 reports.

Would the council consider a one off free collection to help residents – many of whom have lost their jobs  - during the coronavirus crisis?

We already have a free hard waste collection that’s coming up and we encourage residents to save their hard waste until then. We have also made a temporary discounted price for our booked, user pays additional hard waste collection to help residents during the Coronavirus  crisis. The service is currently $110 (reduced from $143) for residents and $90 (reduced from $123) for pensioners.

Issued: 22 April 2020
To: Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Stuart James