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Questions and Responses

Can you please confirm the leasing agreement for Waverley Netball Centre as it pertains to Waverley Night Netball Association and Waverley City Netball Association? From what I understand, it was a 25-year lease which runs out in 2021 and the lease will be open for tender again in 2020 - is this correct?

No, The current 15-year lease expires in October 2021.  No decision has been made at this point with regard to the future lease or the timing of the renewal beyond an indicative timeline of late 2020.

What sort of things would council look for in relation to awarding this lease?

Council has been working with the Waverley City Netball Association and Waverley Night Netball Association around the future of how competitions will be run from the Waverley Netball Centre and will consider community benefit overall in awarding a future management agreement and or lease.  These can include participation rates and financial viability. 

Issued: 10 September 2019
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Shane McCluskey