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I have a media enquiry regarding some councillors calling for a register to be created to have a log of councillors’ interaction with developers, property financiers or their intermediaries. I understand a motion was previously put forward, which didn't pass. 

Will the council consider a register to be created, particularly in light of a current IBAC investigation with Casey Council where developers and councillors had alleged ties? 

Council is committed to the highest levels of transparency. We await the outcomes of the IBAC investigations along with recommendations of reforms and will respond accordingly.

Ratepayer groups say this move is "crucial" for all councils to implement? What does Monash say in response to this? 

We already have a Code of Conduct for Councillors to maintain the highest standards of conduct and behaviour, however we will reassess once IBAC makes its recommendations.

Does the council feel that councillors and staff are transparent and open with developer relationships? How is this being managed? 

Yes. Our Councillor Code of Conduct manages the requirements of councillors in terms of conduct in public office including misuse of position and conflicts of interest.  Our code of conduct for staff also stipulates standards of behaviour that addresses conflicts of interest. Our busy planning team has the most professional contact with developers, as is expected when it comes to the issue of applications to develop land and aspirations to build in the City of Monash.

Issued: 27 June 2020
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Stuart James