Migration Stories

Flavours of Monash cooking demonstration

Flavours of Monash Project

The Flavours of Monash project is a celebration of our community's diversity and the richness of people's settlement stories. This project gives different cultural groups the opportunity to share, through food, their personal journeys of settling in Australia. Through this project, you can share in our community members personal experiences.

A Flavours of Monash cooking demonstration is held each March as part of the Oakleigh Music Festival. Community groups share their traditional dishes and their migration stories with festival-goers.

As part of the 2021 Clayton Festival, the Flavours of Monash Cookbook was created, as well as a podcast with the featured cooks describing the origins of their delicious recipes.

You can download the cookbook here: Flavours of Monash Cookbook(PDF, 2MB)

Digital Stories Project

Digital Stories, Cultural Connect is a community arts project that engages women migrants and refugees to artistically express their vision and cultural identity to the wider community.