Neighbourhood Matching Grants

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Neighbourhood Matching Grants are not available for 2020/21. If you have an idea to bring your community together during this time we encourage you to check your eligibility and apply for a Quick Response Program Grant.

The Neighbourhood Matching Grants scheme provides funding to neighbourhood groups for local activities that are inclusive and connect neighbours. 

What type of projects will Council fund?

The Neighbourhood Matching Grants Program provides funding that brings small community projects to life.

This grassroots grant program encourages groups of neighbours in Monash to unite with a good idea for a community project that brings people together.

Council will support strong community ideas that are planned, delivered and managed by and for the neighbourhood.

If you and your neighbours have a project in mind, this is your opportunity to get the financial support to make it happen.

For helpful tips on how to make your community project a reality, read Neighbourhood Matching Grant tips(PDF, 126KB)

Council will fund ideas that will have a positive impact on local people and high level of participation. The more people involved, the stronger the application.

We’re looking for ideas that will:

  • Improve the appearance or use of shared/neighbourhood spaces
  • Share resources and ideas in the community
  • Help neighbourhoods undertake environmental projects
  • Create opportunities for neighbours to share their different cultures


The Monash Neighbourhood Matching Grants considers 'neighbourhood' as 'the area that surrounds someone's home'. So, if you are an applicant, your neighbourhood is your block or street and the immediate surrounding area.

Please note, the grants are not for established organisations and community groups because they can get support via other Council or government funding.

This grant program is for one-off community projects. Recurrent projects will not be funded.

Please read: Neighbourhood Matching Grants Guidelines(PDF, 813KB)

Not sure if you are eligible? Contact Council’s Grants team on 9518 3531 or

How much funding is available?

Council allocated just over $30,000 to the Neighbourhood Matching Grants in the 2019/20 round.

Activities that have previously received funding include:

  • Developing community links between local residents in the design and creation of a community mural.
  • Starting an African Australian mothers' group to connect women and their children together for support and to build social networks.
  • Building and installation of chess tables to offer a shared activity space for all local community members to enjoy.
  • Neighbourhood cook-ups to connect neighbours and build a stronger local community.
  • A community veggie garden for neighbours to plant, grow and share organic produce.

More Information

For more information on the Neighbourhood Matching Grants, please contact the Community Grants Officer: