Wood Heaters

Generally, you can remove and install a wood heater without needing permissions and permits but there are a few things to consider before going ahead.


You can install a wood heater without needing a permit, but a registered plumber must complete the installation. You must get a plumbing Certificate of Compliance from them as proof.


If it is possible the rope door gasket or the insulation below the heater contains asbestos, this poses a serious health hazard. Some heater insulation and asbestos rope used in pre-1990 heater door gaskets are made of dangerous, loose ‘friable’ asbestos.

Suspected Asbestos

If you encounter suspected asbestos while removing a wood heater, see our information on Encountering Asbestos, as it is highly recommended that all asbestos is dealt with by  a qualified asbestos removalist.

No Suspected Asbestos

If there is no suspected asbestos, there are no requirements for a building permit to remove a wood heater.