Housing Strategy

In 2014, Council adopted a new Housing Strategy which aims to protect the 'garden city' character of Monash while identifying preferred locations for increased housing intensity.

Please read: Monash Housing Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

The strategy aims to maintain the predominately single-detached dwelling style in suburban residential areas by promoting low-rise development as the preferred character for most residential areas and sites in Monash.

Heritage precincts continue to be protected.

At the same time, strong population growth and falling household sizes have increased the need for more infill development in established areas of Australia's major cities.

To provide more housing in Monash, higher-density developments will be directed to areas in and around activity and neighbourhood centres, and strategic sites in the Monash National Employment Cluster near Monash University’s Clayton campus.

Council sought community feedback on a draft Housing Strategy earlier in 2014. There was a strong push from the community to protect the Creek Environs: land in and around Damper, Gardiners and Scotchmans creeks. Council responded to this feedback by adding a new Creek Environs category into the strategy.

Monash Boulevards Urban Design Framework

The Monash Housing Strategy identified 2 main boulevards in the City of Monash (Dandenong Road and Springvale Road) as areas with future redevelopment potential. To assist with this, an Urban Design Framework has been developed. 

For more information, please visit: Monash Boulevards Urban Design Framework.

More Information

For more information on the Monash Housing Strategy, call the Strategic Planning team on 9518 3555 or email strategicplanning@monash.vic.gov.au