Indian Myna Bird

The Indian or common myna is an introduced pest bird and the population is spreading rapidly. They are of concern in Monash because:

  • They are extremely aggressive and territorial birds that out-compete native birds for food, water and shelter
  • They displace native animals from nests (tree hollows)
  • They kill the chicks and eggs of native birds
  • They harass pets and steal their food
  • They block down-pipes and roof gutters with their nests

Please note: Council cannot help you remove or trap Indian myna birds. 

To reduce Indian myna numbers:

  • Identify if Indian mynas are in your area
  • Prevent nesting by sealing off entry points to your roof
  • Don’t feed birds in your backyard
  • Remove any myna nests you find
  • Do not leave food outside, and feed pets indoors
  • Use rubbish bins with lids

For more information on Indian mynas, please see the RSPCA website.