Hazardous Trees

Trees provide great benefits for the urban environment, but they can become hazardous to people and property. This can be associated with storm damage, fungal attack, climatic conditions, growth patterns and damage by animals and people.

What is considered a hazardous tree?

Hazardous trees are defined as those that have a defect that may cause injury or property damage if not removed, such as:

  • Structurally unsound trees: those with a high chance of failure in the next 5 years, with excessive borer activity, are dying or dead, or with exposed roots
  • Trees that have a high potential as a trip hazard (provided no remedial action is possible)
  • Inappropriately located tall tree species with structural defects under power lines
  • A tree leaning over road/paths/property whose form cannot be corrected by pruning or other arboricultural methods
  • Trees causing major damage where tree branches or roots are causing significant damage to Council, utility or private infrastructure and where this has the potential to increase significantly 

Report a tree hazard

If you have any queries on street trees or see a potential hazard, please contact Council online or call on 9518 3555. The tree can then be inspected by a qualified arborist to determine if and what action may be needed.