We are purchasing 100% renewable energy

Wind farm

We're proud to be one of 46 Victorian councils to form VECO, the Victorian Energy Collaboration. VECO is the largest emissions reduction project ever undertaken by the local government sector in Australia.

The 46 councils have pooled their electricity needs into one long-term contract with Red Energy which will provide the VECO group with renewable energy generated from wind farms here in Victoria. From 1 July 2021, that renewable energy will be used to power our council-owned infrastructure, like streetlights, major facilities and community buildings, and giving an 8 percent reduction in our electricity bills.

By using renewable energy, the 46 councils will be saving 260,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere – the same as taking 90,000 cars off the road.

The VECO project doesn’t just the benefit the environment – by joining together, each council will be paying less for their power than if we'd sourced our electricity individually.

That means every dollar saved is another dollar that will be put back into providing vital community services and programs that benefit all of us.

Find out more about the project at the below video:

For more information, visit the VECO website at www.veco.org.au