Fire hazards on your property

Overgrown grass

Fire prevention is a community responsibility. The Fire Rescue Victoria Act (1958) requires property owners and tenants to maintain their properties so they do not become a fire hazard.

From late spring each year, Council officers inspect properties in the City of Monash to ensure that long grass and any materials that may pose a fire hazard are removed.

Eliminate fire hazards

It is important to eliminate hazards before summer gets underway to prevent fires starting and spreading to neighbouring properties, especially if you are located near parks or reserves.

The risk of a fire is significantly reduced when properties are well-maintained. Property owners are also required to maintain their properties in accordance with Council’s Community Amenity Local Law – No 3.

Common external fire hazards include, but are not limited to: 

  • Dry long grass
  • Dry branches, leaves and foliage 
  • Leaves in roof gutters
  • Firewood
  • Rubbish piles
  • Building materials 
  • Gas and chemical containers
  • Garden mulch in piles 
  • Storage of paint containers and other such materials

We recommend maintenance of your property such as mowing regularly, storing building materials and any piles of wood neatly, away from your house and fence line, and removing all dead foliage and undergrowth from outdoor areas.

Every year, Council carries out inspections of properties that may present a fire risk as part of our annual Fire Prevention Program, which continues until the end of the fire risk season.

If a Council officer thinks a property is a fire hazard, a fire prevention notice will be sent to the landowner giving them a direction to remove the fire hazard from their land. If the fire hazard is not removed within the time frame on the notice, an infringement may be issued under Council’s Community Amenity Local Law – No. 3.

Where appropriate, enforcement may also escalate to prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court and/or compulsory clearance at the landowner’s expense.

Council also investigates reports of potential fire hazards from the community.

Report Fire Hazard

To report a fire hazard, please submit your request online or call 9518 3555.

When reporting fire hazard, we will ask you for:

  • The location of the fire hazard (Property Search screen)
  • Enter the location address or the nearest address. You will be able to add more information in the ‘further information’ field (next screen)

You will be able to upload a photo to help us respond to your request.

Report online