Local Law No 3 - Community Amenity

Overhanging vegetation image showing that 2.5m clearance must be provided on footpaths

Monash Council’s Local Law No 3. is due to sunset in February 2025 and Council is seeking feedback on its proposed new Local Law.

On 31 October 2017, Monash Council made a new local law, to be referred to as Local Law No. 1 of 2017 – Community Amenity (Miscellaneous Amendments) Local Law, which came into operation on 1 December 2017.

Monash has four local laws which are in place to protect the amenity of Monash and the safety of all those who come to be in it.

These local laws cover many aspects of daily life such as keeping footpaths and walkways clear of vegetation, sharing the available parking fairly, reducing risks and ensuring the proper procedures are followed in Council meetings and elections.

This section outlines laws relating to daily life that protect the amenity of Monash. 

We encourage the community to be responsible for keeping Monash a safe and enjoyable place to live and work by complying with our local laws.

Please read:

Community Amenity - Local Law No 3(PDF, 843KB)

Community Amenity (Miscellaneous Amendments) - Local Law No.1 of 2017(PDF, 149KB)

Some of the local laws are outlined below:

The below permit covers a number of uses including container storage, general fundraising and fireworks.

Local Law General Permit(PDF, 502KB)

Signs, Goods and Furniture on Footpath

Business owners must obtain a permit from Council if they wish to use the footpath outside their premises to display a sign, goods, tables and chairs or umbrellas. This is to ensure that pedestrians can easily walk along the footpath.

For more information: Footpath Trading and Access Policy -application forms and fact sheets, or call 9518 3555.

Street Performing

Street performers are required by Council to apply for a permit. Performers must be 16 years or older, but a child under 16 can busk if the application is supported by an adult and the adult is present at the time of the performance.

Street Performance Busker Permit(PDF, 797KB)

School Crossings

School Crossing Supervisors play an important role in ensuring safety for children using school crossings. Safety can also be improved by drivers ensuring they obey all rules in the vicinity of crossings, and parents and schools ensuring children are educated on crossing the road safely.

Please see the VicRoads Safe to School program for more information.