Positive Ageing Reference Group (PARG)

The Positive Ageing Reference Group is made up of a cross-section of older adults in Monash.

The group is interested in positive and active ageing, active retirement, healthy living and social connections.

Members provide feedback to Council on its policies, plans and services. They also provide advice to Council on communication, engagement and consultation with older people, and help Council in promoting the benefits of positive and active ageing.

Councillor Brian Little represents Council in this group.

The group has been involved in activities such as:

  • Seniors Festival
  • Positive Ageing Expo
  • Monash by Bike
  • Wiser Walkers Pedestrian Safety
  • Wiser Driver Program
  • Mature-age driver refresher lessons
  • Places to Rest

Terms of Reference

For more information, please read:

Positive Ageing Reference Group - Terms of Reference(DOC, 208KB)


At its 19 December 2023 meeting, Council noted the resignation ofAnnette Anakotta, Mark Learmonth, Phil Terry, Irene Trirouzis and Robert Taylor from the Positive Ageing Reference Group.

At its 13 December 2022 meeting, Council:

  • Noted the resignation of the following representatives and thanks them for their valuable contribution: Andrea Whitty from the Positive Ageing Reference Group and the sad passing of Betty Wilderman from the Positive Ageing Reference Group. 
  • Endorsed the appointment of Selliah Nalliah, Pam Brown, Udesh Kumar, Robert Taylor and Ian Bjorkman to the Positive Ageing Reference Group. 
  • Cr Brian Little
  • Cr Nicky Luo
  • Elaine Forde
  • Qin Shi Gao
  • Jennifer Sheppard
  • Constantine Mandalis
  • Ian Bjorkman
  • Udesh Kumar
  • Pam Brown
  • Selliah Nalliah