Clayton Activity Centre Precinct Plan

At its meeting on 28 January 2020, Council adopted the Clayton Activity Centre Precinct Plan (the Plan) in accordance with the recommendations. This includes a number of changes to the draft Plan in response to matters raised by the community during the consultation.

The main changes were:

  • Including four additional properties as key redevelopment sites
  • Increasing the preferred building heights for 295-297 Clayton Road to ten storeys, and eight storeys for residential properties west side of Thomas Street
  • Expanding Precinct 2 (Health / Medical Focused Mixed Use) to properties on the east side of Madeline Road south of Colonel Street
  • Amending the requirements for ground-level setbacks for footpaths to achieve a consistent 5m-wide footpath along both sides of Clayton Road

Please read: Clayton Activity Centre Precinct Plan(PDF, 16MB)

Precinct Plan

The Plan sets out a clear framework to guide the future growth of Clayton. Located in the heart of the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster (MNEIC), it is estimated the suburb will grow from 21,219 people in 2018 to at least 29,000 people by 2036. This could increase further with the development of a Suburban Rail Loop “Superhub”. Clayton’s growth will be transformative, with a long-term vision for the Activity Centre assisting in the facilitation of:

  • An expanded retail, medical, research and residential role for the Clayton Precinct
  • Greater connectivity to, and integration between Monash Health’s Monash Campus, including Monash Medical Centre, Jessie McPherson Private Hospital and the Victorian Heart Hospital, currently under construction
  • Monash Children’s Hospital and Translational Research Facility and the Monash University Precinct
  • Improved transport and movement connections into the Clayton Precinct and between major employment, research and activity locations/destinations in the Precinct
  • The creation of a new identity and sense of place across the Precinct that is reflective of its roles and position in the Monash NEIC

The Plan delivers a framework to guide future land use and built form changes within the Centre and to encourage public and private-sector investment. 


In June 2019, Council resolved to release the draft Clayton Activity Centre Precinct Plan for community consultation. Feedback was sought from mid-July through to the end of September 2019. The consultation included giving notice to various stakeholders and making the draft Precinct Plan publicly available on various platforms. A total of 29 submissions were received from residents, business and property owners, and consultants/developers on behalf of land owners.

These submissions and Council's Officer responses were received and noted by Council at the 28 January 2020 meeting. The Precinct Plan was adopted with small changes that arose from consultation.

Next Steps

An implementation plan, based on the actions and priorities outlined in the Clayton Precinct Plan, will be prepared for further discussion and endorsement. Uncertainty around the location of the future Clayton Hub as part of the Suburban Rail Loop project may delay the implementation of some actions outlined in the Plan.