12-14 Johnson Street Oakleigh


Update - VCAT approval

The developer for a six-storey building at 12-14 Johnson Street, Oakleigh appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) against Council's refusal. 

The VCAT hearing for the development occurred on Wednesday 7 July 2021. 

In May 2021, VCAT determined to direct Council to issue a Planning Permit for the proposed development. 

The Tribunal found that while the proposal exceeded the recommended height by one storey (total of six storeys), given the site’s location within the Activity Centre the proposal would still provide for an acceptable transition to the adjacent precincts.

The Tribunal found that the design allowed for appropriate setbacks between the podium and upper-level component, resulting in no unreasonable amenity impacts to the neighbouring residential area. The Tribunal also found that the car parking provision was acceptable, as reducing the supply of on-site car parking for the proposed office use will encourage the use of alternative transport modes by staff.

It also found that reduction sought is appropriate having regard to the excellent access to public transport available in this location. 

For more information, please see: VCAT's decision 12-14 Johnson Street Oakleigh(DOCX, 548KB)

Council's refusal

Council has refused a six-storey building with ground-floor retail and offices above at 12-14 Johnson Street, Oakleigh. 

Council sought community feedback and received six objections. 

At its meeting on Tuesday 25 August 2020, Council considered key issues such as the building height and setbacks, provision of parking, traffic generation and equitable development potential for adjoining properties, as part of its decision-making. 

Please view the report which Council considered prior to making its decision: Report to Council 25 August 2020(PDF, 561KB)


Council sought community feedback on the proposed development of a six-storey building with ground-floor retail and offices above at 12-14 Johnson Street, Oakleigh.

Feedback was formally sought by Monday 3 August 2020. 

The applicant, Goldman Johnson Pty Ltd proposed a $9.35 million development which included:

  • The proposed building is six (6) storeys, with a height of 23.2 metres
  • Vehicle access is proposed via Mill Road
  • Two levels of basement parking plus a ground-level area of parking is proposed with a total of 61 car parking spaces plus 5 motorbike spaces. The application seeks a reduction of the standard car parking requirements prescribed within the Planning Scheme
  • Two retail tenancies are proposed at the ground-floor fronting Johnson Street, with offices on the levels above
  • Pedestrian entry to the building is via Johnson Street. 

Planning documents

Here are the documents that have been submitted by the applicant: 

Application Form(PDF, 1MB)

Covering Letter(PDF, 494KB)

Certificate of Title(PDF, 5MB)

Plans(PDF, 6MB)

3D Renders(PDF, 3MB)

Environmentally Sustainable Design Report(PDF, 6MB)

Metropolitan Planning Levy Certificate(PDF, 990KB)

Survey Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Town Planning Report(PDF, 6MB)

Traffic Memo(PDF, 669KB)

Traffic Report(PDF, 10MB)

Waste Management Plan(PDF, 202KB)