Inspirational Women’s Leadership

Mizna Shahbaz

Mizna is someone who always strived for excellence, compassion and justice in all aspects of her life. Born in Pakistan and settling in Glen Waverley with her family in 2005, Mizna joined the Monash Young Persons Reference Group – now known as Monash Youth Committee – when she was sixteen and remained an active member of the group until she turned 25.

She held different roles in the committee over the years including Chair and Deputy chair.  Mizna has continued to support the Monash Youth Committee by presenting on Covid-19 and answering questions on managing mental health during this period. 

One of the projects she coordinated was putting together Welcome Care Packages for youth with refugee and migrant backgrounds in the Monash area through Council’s Youth committee.

Mizna’s community commitment now transcends to her medical career where she is committed to advocating for patients with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.