Volunteer of the Year


Anthony Hodges

Tony’s dedication to helping people in need, in particular those experiencing homelessness, is the reason he’s a joint winner for this award.

Among several groups he’s involved with, Tony has volunteered for the St Vincent de Paul committee for the past 17 years and is currently one of their secretaries. 

He is also involved with the Waverley City Archers and I want to tell you about something that was mentioned in the nomination for this award that illustrates Tony’s approach to helping vulnerable community members.

A while there was a person sleeping outside the club house in Freeway Reserve.  Tony went out of his way to ensure that this man had food and other essentials and approached his contacts for accommodation for him. The man whom Tony was helping could not understand why people were concerned about him. Tony went above & beyond to assist him. This is who Tony is.

Kerry Ryan

Kerry is the coordinator of Oakleigh South Auskick and has been for 30 years!

Kerry works tirelessly every week to set up rosters for parent volunteers, validating dozens of weekly awards, organising activities for coaches and tending to equipment, stock and the weekly sausage sizzle. 

He’s now been volunteering his time over 2 generations – he’s now delighted to see children from his original Auskick group now joining up their children to be part of the program

Under Kerry’s leadership the program has averaged about 100 registrations each season over the course of 30 years.  That's 3000 children and their families who have benefited from the fitness, skills and fun provided as a result of Kerry's hard work.